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METALOK360 specializes in precision pipe bending & end to end pipe connection solutions. Our goal is to minimize your Plant shutdown time during pipe installation periods. We prefabricate, precision bent pipes with Weldless or Welded Connection systems. The advantage to our pipe systems is that we reduce the overall cost of pipe installations, by reducing the number of total welds, compared to fully welded pipe systems. We produce repeatable, accurate pipe bends up to 6” (154.2mm) diameter, and pipe schedules from SCH10 to XXS. We achieve high quality complex and repeatable pipe Bends by using state of the art Hydraulic CNC pipe benders. Because or pipe bending is Rotary Drawn Mandrel bending, we can guarantee no loss of wall thickness and tight bends.

Our Piping systems are custom built, this ensures that you have a hassle-free pipe installation that fits the first time. Metalok360 can help you reduce installation costs by reducing the number of welds required on a pipe or during a pipe installation. METALOK360 offer completed end to end pipe connections onsite with our weldless systems, which is “COLD WORK”. Learn more about our “Weldless Solution” METALOK360 also offers flexibility to clients by supplying green end pipes and end fittings that can be welded on site. This ensures 100%  flexibility for our customers.

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